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If you have an article or book in English or Urdu related to refuting Munkirul hadeeth or proving the authority of hadeeth which isn’t uploaded on our website already then kindly e-mail us the link or alternatively you may also attach the pdf /doc file via this form.  We welcome all constructive criticism.

Please do not ask us ifta (fatwa requiring) questions and consult scholars or scholarly websites instead. Fiqhi or question not related to the theme of this project will be ignored and not responded to. Also refrain from sending/attaching any irrelevant articles, documents or links which isn’t related to the subject of this website. Failure to abide by these rules will have your ip blocked in our server and you will no longer be able to contact us.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding , May allah – the lord who is above the seven heavens – reward you .


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