Proof of following the Prophet #3: Pledging Allegiance to The Prophet is same as to Allah

Allah himself said : “Verily, those who pledge allegiance to you (O Muhammad (saw)) they are actually pledging allegiance to Allah.” (Al-Fath 48 : 10)

This is also a proof among the oceans of proofs that Allah clearly mandated the Muslims to obey the prophetic commands to the extent that if they were to pledge allegiance to him , it would be as if they pledged allegiance to Allah.

Similar to allah’s statement that If you love Allah then follow me or other verses which show that obeying Muhammad is like obeying the commandments of Allah

Note that the whereabouts, topics, content regarding the pledges of allegiances and ilk were not mentioned in the quran and it is only via the ahadeeth which we know today what they were. More so, the sahaaba also did not have a verse to instruct them to go 50 kilometers to the north, then take a left and pledge to the prophet. No, this was all by the prophet’s command and just as they obeyed the prophetic statements , we (Muslims) do too. 

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