Sorry I am Ahl e Qur’an

A visitor,once, bought a young man to me  and introduced him as “Munkare e Hadith”. The man intervened and said  “Sorry I am Ahl e Qur’an ” I asked him “Do you pray five times?” he replied,” No, only three times, as the Qur’an does not speak about five times” I proceeded further , “Tell me how do you pray ?” He replied, ” I pray the way I want to pray ” Allah says PRAY  so I pray ” “Fine”, I said,” Do you give zakat after salah ? ” I asked. He was amused, ” No. Zakat at times means charity and at times means to purify zakiyya so I get my self purified.” I told him, ” Look my friend, the Qur’anic verse says ” aqimoossalaat wa aatuzzakat… establish your salah and give your zakah.. now if you say zakat means charity then immediately after salah you must give your zakat  other wise you have not implemented the whole verse but only a half of it.. and if you say zakah means purifying then you pray salah first and then perform wudhoo !!!” The discussion ended as he promised to come back after more research and he has never come back.

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