The Hadith is Proof itself in Belief & Laws : Shaykh Nasrudin Al-Albani

The Hadith is Proof itself in Belief & Laws

By Shaykh Nasir Ad-Din Al-Albani Rahmatullah Ale
Early generations of Muslims are unanimous in that the Sunnah of the Prophet is the second and last source for Islamic Jurisprudence in all matters of life, belief, the unseen, Laws and Commandments, politics and education. They also unanimously prohibit shunning the Sunnah in any of the matters mentioned above, or preferring opinions, Ijtihad (trying one‟s best to reach a Fatwa concerning a matter that has no clear rule in religion) or Qiyas (to establish a rule concerning a new matter by comparing it to a similar matter that has a rule in religion) to the Sunnah. Imam Ash-Shafi‟i said in his book Ar-Risalah: “Qiyas is not permitted when a Khabar (Hadith) exists.” Similar to this saying is what some scholars say: “If Athar (Hadith) exists, Qiyas is abandoned,” and, “There is no Ijtihad where the Nass (text of the Quran or Hadith) exists.” Their proof to these sayings are found in the Quran and the Sunnah.



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