The Philosophers (Quranites) by Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

The Quranites are a new kind of deviant Muslim who have emerged in recent times. They claim to follow only the Qur’an, and reject the Sunnah and all hadiths. They are being called the Philosophers, because their beliefs are based upon personal views and outlooks instead of empirical evidence.

They believe the Quran is complete, hence hadiths are not needed. But when you ask them how do you pray, fast, pay zakat and perform hajj, since the Quran doesn’t carry instructions for these acts. They say that you can choose a way and do whatever you want. This is obviously senseless, and will throw the whole Ummah into chaos.The answer to this confusion lies in the verse of the Quran which orders Muslims to leave what the Prophet of Allah forbade, and accept what he gave. This is in reference to the Sunnah of Rasoolullah, which is recorded in the thousands of hadith available today. There are at least 5 verses in the Quran on this topic, and the Quranites are in direct disobedience to this command.

The concept of abrogation is also rejected by the Quranites, they say that there is none. They make this claim in spite of the Quranic verses that describe the concept of abrogation. They have deviated so much, that the scholars of Islam have labelled them as disbelievers, because they reject many parts of the Quran, even though they say they follow only the Quran.Many verses in the Quran clearly show that this Quranite philosophy is not from Islam and is a clear deviance. They say Hadiths are not needed because the Quran is complete. Yet it is the Sunnah that completes the Quran, it clarifies the ambiguous, specifies the general, and restricts the absolute.

An excellent example is the verse in the Quran that says the punishment for the male and female thieves is cutting off their hand. There is an ambiguity here because the word used for hand in Arabic can refer to the wrist, elbow or arm. If the Quran is complete on its own, then how do we decide where to cut on the thief’s arm? It is the Sunnah that directs us to cut at the wrist.

The Sunnah also goes onto clarify what constitutes a theft, in case it was an accidental stealing, it sets a minimum value on stolen property that require this severe punishment, and sets an age for youngsters who might not understand the seriousness of theft.

Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari uses a number of excellent examples from the Quran to prove the deviance of the Quranites. Surely, their ignorance and pride has put them on a road leading directly into hell.

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